Access natural and synthetic fused corundum beads for a variety of industrial applications requiring toughness, hardness, and chemical stability.

These are ball beads, shaped with an angle factor less than 1.1. We can supply particle sizes ranging from 0.4mm through to 2mm and can ship in bag sizes of 25kg or jumbo bags of 1000kg.

Chemical Composition: Al2O3 >=75% Fe2O3 <=5% TiO2 2.5-3.5% SiO2 8-12%

Application: Ladle filler sand (0.4-1mm), substitute of chromite sand

Granular Shape: Ball type, angle factor<=1.1

Particle Size: 0.4-0.9mm, 0.7-1.2mm, 0.9-1.2mm, 1-2mm, etc..

Bulk Density: 1.95-2.05 g/cm³

Refractoriness: >=1820°C

Thermal Expansion Rate: 0.13% (10 minutes, heated at 1,000°C)


  • 25kg in PP bag and 1,000kg into one jumbo bag
  • 1,000kg bag

Other Application: Heat storage products for reheating furnace