Shengli connects businesses around the world to Chinese manufacturers. We remove the cultural barriers between East and West, the risks associated with international trade, and improve the efficiency in dealing with Chinese manufacturers by securing supply chains which are critical to your business.


Shengli is also a global supplier of industrial and infrastructure equipment and materials, manufactured by the best Chinese manufacturers to meet or exceed Western standards for quality and service, at the best prices.

Key Dates and Shipping Alerts
Importers: Shipping lines are currently experiencing congestion ex Europe and Asia. Check our calendar for alerts and potential delays to ensure you get your goods delivered on time.
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Quality industrial products from China

Shengli manufactures products for industry and infrastructure including: pipes, fittings and streetware; large shipping containers; road surfacing materials; chemicals; metallurgy and refractory products; industrial machinery and equipment; building and construction materials; oil and gas equipment; FRP / GRP pipe products; and made to order.

Strong reliable relationships with China

Dealing with Chinese manufacturers can be complex. Dealing with us is simple. We have established relationships with Chinese government, academia and industry. We will get you access to China’s manufacturing capabilities, and manage your account to ensure quality standards are met in full.

Massive production capability in China

Shengli has developed an efficient and reliable manufacturing network and supply chain with many of the largest and most reputable Chinese manufacturers. We have massive production capability, which is rapidly scalable, and streamlined to meet your quality expectations.