If you need access to an industrial supply of finished, ready to use materials and products for the building and construction industry, then make sure you talk to us as you review your options.

We’ll supply you construction materials from Chinese manufacturers who combine industrial supply capabilities with Western standards for quality. We’ll ensure the materials you order will meet or exceed the specifications required for the building code, and that you’ll have them when you’re ready to begin construction work.

Let us connect you to an industrial supply of construction products for large-scale building projects. We have considerable experience and capability in manufacturing a wide variety of products, such as:


MDF Fiberboard and Plywood Manufacturers

We can supply MDF, fiberboard and plywood with a range of densities, full range of thicknesses and sheet size to fit requirements.

Custom-made Purlins and Cladding

Access a range of purlins, claddings and other construction materials to your custom requirements and specifications.

Composite Decking, Flooring and Doors

Access a range of composite decking, doors and flooring made from MDF, timber, hardwood and bamboo.

Building Scaffolding and Fencing

We can supply a range of building scaffolding types, including steel, aluminum, fixed and mobile.